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Product Lolla Rossa
Description :

Lolla Rossa lettuce is a delicate flavored red leaf lettuce that is wonderful in tossed salads!

Enjoy crunchy Lolla Rossa in a simple Italian salad made from fresh tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella and basil. Nothing but the simplest vinaigrette is required to adorn this ambrosial salad. Viva Lolla Rossa!

Nutritional Value
Depending on the variety, the nutrition lettuce offers varies. All lettuces provide some dietary fiber, carbohydrates, a small amount protein and just a trace of fat. Vitamin A and potassium are the most vital nutrients in lettuce. Beta carotene, the yellow-orange that is under the green chlorophyll pigments, provides the vitamin A. When consumed, beta carotene converts to vitamin A in the human body. The darker green the lettuce is, the more beta carotene is digested. The American Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society report that foods rich in vitamin A and C help to prevent various forms of cancer and reduce the risk respiratory system and intestinal tract malignancies.

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