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Product Mesclun
Description :

It all started with the Monks

The story goes that Mesclun originated at the Cimiez monastery in Nice where the Franciscan monks were so poor they had nothing to offer in return for the alms that they received from the locals. One story goes that they couldn't even get anything to grow in their garden that was worth sharing, so they took to the fields and gathered a variety of wild leaves to make a salad, and thus Mesclun was begun.

A mesclun mix is a delightful bunch of tender greens that you will frequently find in French salads.

Mixed baby greens are so flavorful that you don't want to cover their taste with a heavy salad dressing. Better to go with a drizzle of vinaigrette, which will be all the better if you make it yourself. You could also try adding croutons, smoked salmon, warm goat cheese, or toasted nuts.

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