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Product Endive
Description :

Endive is a very good accompaniment to all sorts of meats and fish, but also to egg and cheese. It can be backed, steamed, cooked or used raw in salads. Almost all of the yellow-white Endive spear can be eaten.

Sometimes, Endive has a bitter core, which can easily be cut out. Yet is precisely this mildly bitter taste which makes Endive so popular.

Endive can be kept for a few days in cool and dark place. 100g. Endive contains: 1.3 g.  protein, 0.2 g. fat, 2.3 g. carbohydrate, 5 mg. vitamin C, various minerals, and has only 16 Kcal (67)
To clean: Remove wilted leaves. Wash briefly in cold water. Do not leave Endive in water, or it will turn brown.

To prepare: Half cover Endive in boiling water to which salt, pepper and lemon juice have been added. Cook gently for 15 minutes. When using in salads, cut the Endive in strips.

Recipes for 4 person:
Salad dressing:
3 tablespoonfuls oil, 3 teaspoonfuls, 1   teaspoonful vinegar, salt and pepper, chopped parsley.

Endive with smoked meat and cheese:
4 spears of Endive, 4 slices of smoked meat, 100 g. cheese.

Clean the Endive and cook about 15 minutes and drain. Wrap each Endive spear in a slice of smoked meat and place in an ovenproof dish. Cover with sliced oagerdtr cheese and place under the grill until golden drown.

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