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About Us

If there is one word to describe our products at Makar Farms it is Innovation.

Established in 1880, Ezbet MAKAR located on the Sakkara road, has always been the avant-garde of agriculture in Egypt.

In the late 1940s, substantial crop changes were implemented by Georges MAKAR, an agricultural Engineer who studied at the prestigious University of Agricultural of Grignon in France.

He first concentrated his efforts on introducing new varieties of fruits adapting them to the climate in Egypt. In the late 1960s, early 1970s, research shifted to vegetables. Again varieties unknown to the Egyptian consumer were introduced (lettuces, frisee, scarole, together with herbs such as tarragon, thyme etc...)

The idea was to invert the seasons of crops grown in Europe. What is produced in summer can be available in Egypt during the winter season.

Among the spectacular successes, was the introduction of Endive, a crop that grows in the northern part of Europe at very low temperatures! We have succeeded in defying nature whatever the weather, and the crop is guaranteed 12 months a year.

Mounir MAKAR is a banker and an economist who took up farming as a hobby after the farm was passed down from his father. Farming soon developed into a passion for MAKAR, a passion which continuously leads him to develop new varieties, crops and techniques. MAKAR's biggest obstacle is the summer heat.

When Mounir MAKAR took over the farm from his father, endives production-as well as the production of other crops- was taken to another level: MAKAR introduced a sophisticated hydroponic system and in doing so he set a precedent in Egypt.

His passion for farming is not the only source of inspiration for MAKAR. In fact, MAKAR’s interest in cuisine encourages him to continuously search for new varieties and "foreign" products in order to live up to the motto of innovation.

As a result, Makar farms have become the place to find assortments of vegetables and herbs that are rarely found in Egypt. Whether you are looking for broccoli, thyme, tarragon, brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, asparagus or "uncommon" salad varieties, you can be sure to find them on our farms.

Also MAKAR farms have been producing Asparagus for more than 40 years. Today, we proudly present three colors, red, green and white Asparagus. Our trials on Broccoli were successful in the early 70s, together with the Brussels sprouts. Herbs as fresh thyme, chives, various varieties of basil, tarragon etc… can accompany sophisticated recipes.

This year we have introduced Sorrel and Mustard leaves and every year we work on adapting new varieties to the Egyptian environment.

The purpose of our operation is to cater for all major International Hotels and tourist establishments in Egypt. We have also worked in order for the Egyptian consumer to discover new tastes and flavors.

It is perhaps the combination of innovation, technology and imagination that makes our products so unique, tasty and more importantly so accessible in Egypt."

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